My personal view is that ultimately a company is just a ‘tool’ used to achieve a purpose of work by people, and just like people, some tools can be complicated while others are more basic.  The analogy works since the successful use of any tool (blunt or other) is really dependent on the user’s proficiency.  Nevertheless, as an instrument utilised by humans, a company’s success in achieving the desired outcome is also subject to the personality of those humans that work within it.

The aviation industry is continuously bombarded with the latest craze or newest method of doing the same old thing.  A lot of new concepts are worthy of change but equally, some may simply be ‘change for the sake of change’ - often promoted by the 'Dark Side of the Consulting Force'.  Generally, we need to get away from the ‘new and improved mouse trap’ mind-set every time we see a rodent and let the old trap do its job.  However, every once in a while, there is a new and improved system that needs to be considered, especially if it awakens leaders and managers to the fact that they need to ‘change the way they manage and lead’ with respect to matching ‘the way that modern humans actually work and live’.

QualaTech does not believe in re-inventing the wheel but we do believe a system must be in balance, safe and effective for the vehicle (company) to operate smoothly and efficiently.  This is how QualaTech is managed and how in turn we are able help our Clients achieve their goals and performance targets.