Core Values

Safety - QualaTech believes that the Safety and Security of our Customers, their staff, facilities and the environment in which they operate, are of the highest priority and concern in all areas of commerce.

Quality - QualaTech believes that 'Quality of Services' is paramount to Customer Satisfaction.  We are motivated by our Client's expectations to provide for them the highest of Quality Standards in both work, services and untimely - "Customer Satisfaction".

Accountability - QualaTech and our Consultants are accountable for our actions.  We believe in 'Human Leadership' and old fashioned ethics.  That means we demonstrate integrity in our business relations, utilization of resources, treatment of our Customers and in the moral conduct of our Consulting practices.

Responsibility - QualaTech's Consultants understand that they have a moral responsibility to a Client which extends beyond that of QualaTech. By placing our Customers first, QualaTech will also ensure success for itself.

Environment - QualaTech recognizes that the protection of the environment is more important and of a higher concern than any single business factor excluding Safety. Consequently, QualaTech promises to be respectful and considerate of the environment. We are committed to sustainability and acting in an environmentally considerate fashion.

Equality - QualaTech not only believes in fairness, dignity and respect for all, but we practice it religiously.