Irregardless of the Certificate Type an Organisation may hold and operate under, certain conditions must be met and maintained.  In today's wold, Safety Management is undeniably the foundation of all Certificate based  activities.  Subsequently, QualaTech's Services underpin the three primary Safety Management Systems (SMS) Components (Pillars), comprising of: Quality Assurance, Safety Assurance & Safety Promotion (Education & Training).

QualaTech's Services are not restricted to SMS but equally encompass all operational areas from Regulatory review, Audit and Assessment, to new programme and system(s) development, to complete application and obtainment of Certification i.e. Water Aerodrome Certification into a Water Airport (Certificated Water Aerodrome - Subpart 306), etc..      

Safety Assurance (SA) and Quality Assurance (QA) are highly complementary and must work closely together if designed ‘performance levels’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is to be achieved while improving Safety Goals.  Safety Management is ‘what we do’ Quality Management is ‘how we do it properly’. 

"Quality is not act.  It is a habit"

Not a quote from Yoda but 'Aristotle'.

Safety Promotion (Education & Training) is the 'third leg’ of the proverbial ‘three legged SMS stool’, that supports both Safety Assurance and Quality Assurance.  Without either one of the three programs, the remaining two will fail and collapse. 

We offer a variety of Services (inclusive of an extensive variety of Training) specifically designed for Clients engaged in and/or operating:

  • Airports, Heliports & Aerodromes (Land & Water);
  • Rotary & Fixed Wing Operations (inclusive of POR Operations);
  • Aircraft Maintenance Organisations;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Other Industries: Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Marine and Rail. (Please request specific requirement)

Services & Programs for the above include but are not limited to:

  1. Water Aerodrome / Airport conversion;
  2. Aviation Law - Canadian law as it pertains to aviation;
  3. Human Performance;
  4. Human Factors;
  5. Quality Assurance;
  6. Safety Assurance;
  7. Hazard & Risk Assessment;
  8. Safety Cases;
  9. Policy & Procedure;
  10. Root Cause Analysis (RCA);
  11. Business Enhancement;
  12. Bird & Wildlife Plan;
  13. Emergency Response Plan;
  14. Auditing and Assessments – including SMS Assessment (SMSA);
  15. Impairment Mitigation Program & Training;
  16. Aircraft Annual Inspection - FAA IA;
  17. Change Management Team Leadership (CMTL) Programme & Training;
  18. Safety Culture Evaluation.

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