Client / Customer Focus

When on assignment, a Consultant is frequently and inadvertently placed in a position of great trust. Consequently, the Consultant can wield considerable influence whether they mean to or not.

At times, it would be easy to fall victim of the ‘Force’s Dark side’ and implement a quick fix for a Customer; however, a ‘quick fix’ is seldom the solution or in the best interest of the Client. What is really required are long-term sustainable strategies that focuses on what the Client truly needs while improving and strengthening their chances of success. Consulting solutions/services offered can never be a process of 'Trial and Error'. At QualaTech it is "Analyse, Plan, Implement and Succeed".

To actively ensure success, QualaTech focuses on:

  • Superb Customer Service;
  • Continuous Improvement;
  • Ethics;
  • High Quality Work;
  • Learned knowledge of your policies, procedure, culture, people, goals, business strategies, etc.
  • Current market trends;
  • World development and regulation;
  • Best Practices;
  • Beyond Minimum Compliance;
  • Personal development;
  • Staying 'hands-on' and not growing stale in the industry; and by being: dependable, reliable, loyal, committed, compassionate, consistent, honest, efficient, innovative, creative, motivated, fair, just, inspiring, insightful, optimistic, passionate, respectful and educated.