Safety Assurance & Safety Risk Management

Safety Assurance and Safety Risk Management is a formally documented account of the evidence, arguments and assumptions to show that hazards have been identified and controlled, both in engineering and operational areas, and that the qualitative and quantitative safety requirements have been met.

In an effective Safety Management System (SMS) Operators must regularly assess all existing operations, as well as proposed changes to systems and procedures, additions or replacements, for safety significance. Where hazards are identified, Safety Assurance will be required.

Safety Management is all about the proactive prevention of ‘error and loss’, to which all incidents and losses are related either directly or indirectly. A SMS should be thought of as a proactive business management tool, under which, revenue enhancement is typically achieved as a result of being safer! A comprehensive SMS will provide improvement and proficiency of existing systems and programs, reduce error and loss, and attract and maintain Clients and Customers – those that demand safe and comprehensive compliance standards.

It is essential to appreciate that a fundamental issue in any operational SMS is that success depends on a partnership between the Regulator and the Service Provider. Ideally, a SMS is in itself a form of regulation. However, the Regulator’s primary purpose will always remain one of 'Safeguarding' the public (oversight) and an approved, implemented and functional SMS - just happens to enhance that process while also being in the best interests of both the general public (the Customer/Client) and the Service Provider. SMS provides a means by which an Air Operator can demonstrate accountability for action, improve profit and Safety, while potentially reducing prescriptive regulatory oversight.

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