"Getting It" a Brilliant New Book from Bill Yearwood.

Many aviation professionals - and others alike - from around the world, will recognize Bill Yearwood as the definitive accident investigator for the Transportation Safety Board (TSB), awarded the Governor General’s citation for his years of dedication to bringing safety considerations for aviation front and centre. Well, here it is now in print from the investigator himself—truly, a text book on learning to stay safe in flight from the volume of data acquired from accident investigations. Bill’s book is titled: Getting It. We suggest that you will start to Get It from the very first page, in fact, we suspect your next walk-around will reflect the message you got from Getting It.

Getting It—Learning from Aviation Accident Investigations
By Bill Yearwood.
8.5 inches square in colour and softcover-115 pages highly illustrated (fits every flight bag).

Price in Canada - $25.00 plus $7.00 to mail anywhere in Canada.

U.S. Customers $20.00 USD plus $11.00 USD to mail anywhere in USA

Order your copy direct from the Author: billyearwood@telus.net

Youtube Interview by Ramona Reynolds: https://youtu.be/9zcm3jaDkus

Getting It Bill Yearwood