Remote Quality Audit (RQA)

May 2020

In early 2020, QAC established a 'Remote Quality Audit' (RQA) process to reduce the risk of COVID transmission but equally to help Operators reduce costs associated with an 'Onsite 3rd. Party Internal Quality Audit'.

In sort, the RQA employs many of the same protocols, processes and tools utilized by a traditional Audit process; nevertheless, the RQA is not a weaker or less robust Audit. The process actually enhances the entire Audit - allowing for example - data collection to be more rigorously, accurately and consistently captured.

The overall process has two distant advantages over the more traditional 3rd Party Audit process. Firstly, a more rigorous Audit is provided resulting in greater accuracy; and Secondly, an Audit process which can save up to 50% off a normal Audit cost.

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