About QualaTech

The 21st century brings many challenges to the aviation industry.

QulaTech was founded in 1996 as an international aviation Consultancy for airports/aerodromes, airlines, Air Service providers (Fixed & Rotary Wing), manufactures and Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMO). QualaTech has since evolved into a highly respected international aviation Consultancy; recognized by Transport Canada as an "Industry Champion".

QualaTech is effectively engaged in the international marketplace, specializing primarily in aviation disciplines, including but not limited to: Auditing, Safety Management Systems (SMS), Policy/Regulation, Maintenance/Engineering, Quality, Risk Assessments, Human Factors, Root Cause Analysis, Incident investigation, Safety Cases, Research, Technical Reports, Requirement Assessments, Wildlife Management Plans, Fatigue Management, Emergency Response Plans, Change Management, Risk Management, Training, Regulation/Law/Standards, training and support thereof.

QualaTech-Aero Consulting is meeting the challenge in Safety Assurance and Safety Risk Management, Quality Assurance and Safety Promotion - Education and Training. What sets us apart is that we are "hands-on" and highly involved with our Clients. Not only do we provide the advice and services requested - we fully support our Clients during all phases of pre and post implementation. Small enough to maintain Quality of Service, with global experience and connections in unique and diversified fields, we are able to provide a range of specialized Consulting Services as a complete package.

QualaTech Aero Consulting Ltd. has the experience and expertise to help your Organization achieve its goals in an increasingly demanding regulatory and prescriptive environment. The ability to implement the required standards cost-effectively, can make the difference between business success or failure. Our Consultants bring to any task the combination of more than two centuries of experience in Flight Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Training, Risk Assessment, Airport Operations, Air Traffic Management, Aviation Business and Human Performance throughout the world.

QualaTech Consultants have extensive Canadian and international aviation experience and have held Senior positions in Canada and abroad. For example, Mr. David Olsen was with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Mr. Green was with the TATC and is now registered on the ICAO's "Roster of Experts". QualaTech Consultants have also held Senior positions with aviation Organisations, including International Airport/Aerodrome, Airlines and Civil Aviation Authorities.

QualaTech-Aero Consulting provides focused capability in the operational environment under all three "Assurances" comprising of, 'Safety Assurance', 'Quality Assurance' and 'Safety Promotion' (Training Assurance), with extensive expertise in, but not limited to the following disciplines:

  • Safety Management System (SMS) - development and implementation.
  • Safety and Quality Audits.
  • Safety and Quality Management.
  • Training in Safety, Quality and Human Factors.
  • Human Performance.

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