Tribute to QualaTech's Retired Consultants

David Olsen FRAeS - Retired

Mr. David Olsen retired completely from active Consulting in 2019, after the sad passing of his beloved wife Jane.

Mr. Olsen was a highly experienced Aviation Consultant and International Aviation Author/Writer. His professional activities were extensive and included Airport development and investment, Audits of Safety and Quality Management, performance reviews, technical and operational surveys, Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Air Navigation Services, organisational development, charge policy and long-term aviation planning. Mr. Olsen had undertaken innumerable contracts and assignments throughout the world.

David remains a Gentleman and a maverick in the world of aviation. It was a great privilege for me to have known him, to have been mentored by him and to have called him "my Friend".

Mr. David Olsen - Training Assignment with QualaTech