Overview and Suitability of Experience:

Mr. Green has undertaken many in-depth Safety, Quality and Operational reviews of Aerodromes/Airports, Airlines, Maintenance and Aerospace Manufacturing Organisations, as part of an Audit process, inspection and/or surveillance/compliance program.  This also includes Pre-program Validation Inspections (PPVI).

Audit surveillance activities are not possible without a comprehensive understanding of international and national requirements, inclusive of Operations, Quality, Safety and various Regulations/Standards (i.e. FARs, JARs, ANOs, CARs, ICAO & ISO documents, etc.).  Mr. Green has learned to appreciate the problems encountered by industry and the Regulator alike, allowing him to provide solutions to those working within and under, the various regulatory frameworks.  As a successful Consultant, Mr. Green has developed excellent interpersonal skills and enjoys interacting with Clients.  As a former TATC Member, Mr. Green is as comfortable addressing a Government Authority, CEO`s, Clients and/or other stakeholder, as he is when speaking with a frontline employee.

Writing Control Documents, Policy, Reports, etc., is an important component of Mr. Green’s Consulting practice and as a former TATC Member, he has written many Determinations, which currently serve as Jurisprudence under the Canadian Judiciary System.

As a Lead Auditor and Aviation Risk Assessor, Mr. Green has worked for Government and private agencies (i.e. The BC Government Emergency Health Services (BCEHS), BC Hydro Aviation Dept., and the Oil Gas Produces (OGP)) etc.  The ability to communicate effectively is imperative to the success of any assignment, but specifically, when relating Finding(s), Reviews, Corrective Action Plans and/or conducting ‘Root Cause Analysis’ of incidents inclusive of Oversight Violations.

Understanding Regulatory Requirement, within the meaning of ‘Prescriptive Compliance’ for Companies striving to obtain higher standards “Beyond Minimum Compliance”, is critical to effective Consulting.  Mr. Green has written and implemented many SMS and QA Programs, along with other mandatory Control Documents, including but not limited to MCM. MPM, AOM, Emergency Response, Bird & Wildlife, SOP’s, Work Instructions, Dock Operations, Winter Operations Manuals, AVOP, etc.  Additionally, Mr. Green is routinely required to provide Hazard and Risk Analysis and Safety Cases for Clients, including complex International Airports.

In the course of his career, Mr. Green has achieved several initiatives in respect to SMS and program training.  In 2005, under QualaTech Aero Consulting Ltd., Mr. Green design and installed the first functionally effective SMS at a Canadian International Airport; the first of its kind in North America.  Additionally, QualaTech was a leader in providing SMS and Human Factors training to airports, having since completed many varied national and international assignments.

Implementing assorted programmes also means auditing, reviewing and writing system, policy and procedure manuals (Control Documents), which must meet the stringent requirements of the Client and the National Authority.  As a prominent Aviation Consultant, Mr. Green is often contracted to provide Management Guidance at the Board Room level.

Mr. Green has established a broad international clientele base, including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and the USA.  Canadian Clients are extensive and include some of Canada’s major airports for which Mr. Green helped establish their SMS, QMS and training requirements; these include but are not limited to: Victoria, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Calgary, Comox, Thunder Bay Airport, St. John’s, Montreal, Campbell River, Bella Bella, Regina, and Gander International Airport, to name but a few.

Two of QualaTech’s larger international Clients are Advantage Airport Group (formally YVRAS) and AERODOM Siglo XXI (Dominican Republic (DR)), for whom Consulting Services consisting of SMS, Pre-Certification Assessment, Safety Audits and Safety Training were undertaken.  Mr. Green provided AERODOM with Pre-certification Safety Oversight Reports on six International Aerodromes.  Mr. Green was subsequently invited by the Dominican Authority (IDAC) DGAC to comment over their Airport Certification and State Oversight Program.  The aforementioned could not have been accomplished without extensive knowledge of the various Dominican Republic, Canadian and ICAO control documents, including but not limited to TP 312 (and many other TC publications), ICAO Convention, Annexes 1, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14 (Vol l & ll), 16 and 19, (inclusive of DOC 9734, 9735, 9859, 9744, 9426 & other assorted SOP & CAPs, etc.).

It is worthy of note, that the work conducted by QualaTech in the Dominican Republic (DR) may have contributed to a perfect score, as achieved under the ICAO (Dominican Republic - ‘Legislación aeronáutica básica’) Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program, audited in 2009.  Mr. Green was also requested by a former Canadian Minister of Transport to discuss matters of Leadership within TC concerning Safety Management.  This was as a direct result of a Report produced by QualaTech over the Victoria Water Airport situation entitled ‘Requirements for a Safety Case Air and Water Operations Victoria Harbour.

During his tenure with the TATC, Mr. Green received extensive and comprehensive training in conflict resolution, decision writing, law/evidence and judiciary & judgement training.  As a practicing Consultant, knowledge is vital for business and staying current and astute in both interpretation and reference is crucial, as is the ability to promote and maintain harmonious (multinational) working relationships with Clients and colleagues.  Being a professional also means continuous learning and improvement.  A Consultant’s primary products are solutions founded in knowledge.

Mr. Green is a dedicated educator, who not only understands SMS & Quality intimately, but who is equally passionate about them.  He has designed and presented many training courses in SMS and Quality, in addition to having produced other training courses in Leadership, Change Management, Hazard & Risk Assessment, Fatigue Management, Airport Emergency Response Plan, Human Factors and other related aviation/airport areas.  In 2010, Mr. Green provided a Human Factor ‘Train the Trainer’ program to the Dominican Republic’s IDAC (National Authority) and AERODOM Airport personnel. 

Mr. Green knows what it means to be proactive and to promote Safety as a Culture.  He further understands the diversity between OH&S requirements and those required by national authorities under their SMS components.  He has run and provided instruction / training in managing and administrating a Safety Committee, along with workshops on Leadership, Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis.  Mr. Green is familiar with trend analysis and incident investigation methods / techniques.

Mr. Green`s diplomacy and knowledge allows him to facilitate discussions in a proactive and constructive fashion with Client groups, regarding oversight and compliance issues, in support of ensuring safety standards are being met, maintained and ultimately improved.

In 2016, Mr Green was called before the Canadian Environment Review Tribunal, as an Expert Witness in 'Aviation Hazard and Risk Assessment' techniques for Obstacles (Wind Turbine) encroaching the OLS/OIS of Aerodromes, against the Province of Ontario.