Principal Consultant / CEO

Keith Edward Green

Keith Green

Mr. Green commenced his aviation career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) in Canadian general aviation.  In 1980, he joined Canadian Pacific Airlines gaining numerous Type Ratings on modern commercial aircraft, before undertaking several overseas assignments with international carriers.  Working abroad as a senior Engineer, he acquired in-depth experience in Maintenance, Engineering, Quality, Production and Management.  Throughout this time abroad, his experience and qualification steadily evolved to encompass four National Aircraft Maintenance Licences, along with numerous airline Authorisations and Privileges.  Currently, Mr. Green maintains only two National Licenses - the FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) and Transport Canada’s M1 / M2 with Structural Privilege.

In the mid-90's, Mr. Green joined the British Columbia Government Air Service’s Quality / Maintenance department, wherein he was later seconded as a Technical Policy Analyst to the BC Provincial Government.  During this engagement, he was directly involved with several major Government / private industry initiatives, including the Ballard Power (Permeable Membrane Technology) for Methane and Hydrogen based gases within the BC Alternate Fuels and Emission Program.  As a Policy Analyst, Mr. Green not only gained valuable experience working in Government, but also learned the importance of promoting energy conservation and sustainability, while reducing the ‘Carbon Footprint’, long before it was common practice.

Mr. Green has often participated with Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC), on National Regulation/Standard changes.  More recently, in support of a Client, he has been involved in the issues surrounding ‘harmonization’ of several Canadian Acts i.e. the Canadian Aeronautics Act, and the Marine Act.  Mr. Green is currently a recognized authority on ‘Water Airports’ and the transformation of water Aerodromes into Certificated Water Airports.

In 1998, Mr. Green was appointed by The Canadian Minister of Transport to the ‘Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada (TATC), wherein he served for over a decade.  The TATC sits a single Member during a Hearing; the Member – unlike a Court Judge, must decide on both ‘Point of Law’ and ‘Point of Fact’.  Under the Inquiries Act, a TATC Member is a “Commissioner to the Prime Minister”, being further sanctioned, as ‘Appeal Adjudicators’ for the ‘Canadian Business Aviation Association’ (CBAA) program.  During his TATC term, Mr. Green learned how to be authoritative and objective, while exercising tact and diplomacy within his subsequent Determinations.

Over the course of the past three years, Mr. Green was selected by the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau, and placed on their “Roster of Experts” as a ‘Flight Operations’, 'Aerodrome Safety' and ‘Maintenance Organisations Inspector’.

In addition to Mr. Green’s Canadian AME qualifications, he is also an FAA Inspection Authorization (IA).  Other national licences and certifications formally gained included Saudi Arabia, Ireland and Indonesia.  Under Mr. Green’s Canadian Privileges, he is also a Structures Category AME “S”, with extensive experience in major repair, modification and manufacturing.  Mr. Green is often contracted to provide services as a Director of Maintenance, Person Responsible for Maintenance, General Manager and Quality Director/Manager, with numerous maintenance and airline organisations.  Additional to his current AME Licence, Mr. Green was a Transport Canada (TC) Minister’s Delegate “M” where he performed Import / Export and other duties as a Minister's representative.

In 1996, Mr. Green founded an aviation Consultancy for airports/aerodromes, airlines, air taxi (fixed & rotary wing) and aircraft maintenance organisations.  QualaTech has since evolved into a highly respected international aviation Consultancy; recognized by Transport Canada as an "Industry Champion".  QualaTech is effectively engaged in the international and domestic marketplace, specializing in several aviation & marine disciplines.  These include, but not limited to Auditing, Safety Management Systems (SMS), Policy/Regulation, Maintenance/Engineering, Quality, Risk Assessments, Human Factors, Root Cause Analysis, Incident investigation, Safety Cases, Research, Technical Reports, Requirement Assessments, Wildlife Management Plans, Fatigue Management, Emergency Response Plans, Change Management, Risk Management, Training, Regulation/Law, training and support thereof.

Mr. Green’s consulting proficiency is now well established among Airport/Aerodromes, Air Operators (rotary and fixed wing), Maintenance Organisations, Manufacturing establishments, Water Airports/Aerodromes and Marine facilities. 

Mr. Green has often presented at conferences as a ‘Subject Matter Authority’ with regard to SMS and QMS.  An example of this was in 2011, when the AAAE requested a presentation in the Cayman Islands on SMS.  As a Senior Consultant, Mr. Green must be efficient and effective in counselling others and developing cooperative environments based on trust at all levels.